Learn Graffiti Art

Graffiti is considered by many as vandalism. However, the people who do graffiti are skilled artists, as drawing graffiti needs a developed color sense, sense of proportion, some knowledge of calligraphy, and lots of creativity. Here are tips on learning graffiti.

How to do Graffiti Art?
– The first thing you need to do is observe. Go around the town and look at various artist’s graffiti work. If you can’t find graffiti anywhere in your town, then do an image search for various styles of graffiti writing. Save some images that you like and would like to draw in a similar style. You can take out the prints of these images and keep tracing on them, to get a feel of the lines of the alphabets and background design.

– Copy a graffiti style that you saw on the internet and to learn graffiti letters keep scribbling these letters. Also, watch the kind of color the artist has used, the way the shadow is placed under the alphabets, the kind of backgrounds are sketched behind the graffiti letters, etc. Pick up a style of simple graffiti font, rounded bubbles font, or edgy hooks and barbs-like font are quite popular. Then on a piece of paper draw a small word with number if you prefer. Draw a thumbnail graffiti sketch of the word on one corner of the paper.
– Then using a pencil draw a bigger sketch on the paper. Behind the letter draw the shadow. Decide an angle of the shadows, and follow the same angle for all the letters, this will give a 3D raised appearance to the letter.
– After you are done with this, draw a background for the letters. Twisted overlapping arrows, fire, bubbles, and blocks are commonly used as graffiti backgrounds. So, you can pick a similar theme, and even give the background a shadow to give a 3D appearance.
– Make sure you maintain good proportions of the letters with each other and the size of the letters and background with each other. You can use an eraser to make corrections.
– Now, once you are done with you pencil drawing, you can consider taking a backup of your sketch. You can take a photocopy of the sketch, in case you make mistakes while coloring your drawing.
– Use ink to color the shadows, you can also use a black sketch pen if you don’t have ink. Then fill up the letters with a color which is bright and stands out nicely. You can even make a three or two colored theme while filling up the letters, or use more colors to give a gradient-like effect.
– Then fill up the background with colors, which are not so bright, otherwise they can steal the attention from the main characters which you want to give focus on. There you are done with your first graffiti sketch. This way keep practicing for 2 – 3 months, till you get the hang of graffiti letters. Then create your own cool graffiti font and write down letters from A to Z. Then make a graffiti drawing with colors using your own style.
– Once you have developed your own style to draw graffiti, it is time to execute your art on a real wall.
– Make sure you select a site where graffiti is legally allowed, or you can get in trouble.
– Buy spray cans of colors which you have used in your drawing. Keep a scanned copy of the graffiti drawing in your computer, in case your original drawing gets ruined. If your original drawing has come really fine, consider laminating it so that even if something spills on it you can just wipe it off.
– On the wall slowly and neatly draw the letters, the background, and 3D shadows. Then fill them up with colors. Avoid going crazy with the colors, as you can ruin the graffiti. In initial stage it is good to stick to less colors rather than more.
– Once you are done with your graffiti, draw your signature on the bottom right corner.

So, use the above tips to learn the art of drawing graffiti and start sketching from sample graffiti artwork, then develop your own style and spray it on the wall. If you are really good with your art, you might even get hired as a professional artist.

Styles of Graffiti Writing

Graffiti is the name given for the act of lettering that is scratched, scrawled, painted, or marked on any property. Although traditionally regarded as an unsightly damage or unwanted vandalism, graffiti has been an element of the pop or even the hip-hop culture, and has also been instrumental during several political and radical movements. There are so many types of this sort of artwork, each of which has a distinct characteristic.


A tag is nothing but a stylized signature of the artist. A tag is usually painted / colored in a single solid color that creates a contrast with its background. Graffiti artists often use a tag as a means to sign their work and leave a signature mark on or beside it. The idea of tagging was first spotted in Philadelphia where artists spray painted their tags “Bobby Beck In ’59” on many of the freeways surrounding the city. Another famous tag was the one seen in New York City which read “TAKI 183”. This artist gained so much popularity that his antics inspired media attention and led to an increase in popularity of this trend.

Throw-up / Throwie

A throw-up or a throwie is usually created with one-color outline and a single layer of fill-color as well. Bubble lettering is common form of lettering used. A throw-up is usually a form of graffiti that is created in a short duration as an attempt to avoid attracting attention to the artist. Throw-ups are often a means to battle the rival artists in terms of numbers rather than quality. Many artists have a signature style of throw-ups as well.


A piece is short for masterpiece and is usually a large graffiti painting. The pieces often incorporate several 3-D effects, arrows, color-transitions, and many other interesting artistic effects. The piece is considered to be a labor-intensive form of graffiti and is supposed to be the most beautiful work of an, artist and hence, requires more time to paint as compared to a throwie.

Heaven Spots

Heaven spots are modifications of pieces. These are just pieces which are painted in places that are hard-to-reach. Often the heaven spots are seen on places like rooftops and high freeway signs which make the graffiti hard to remove. The dangerous height was perilous for people who tried to climb up and remove the graffiti which led to death, hence gaining the name “heaven spots”.


This style simply refers to art created inside trains, trams, or buses. The trend of graffiti drawing during the 1970s in New York was one of the most prominent examples of this style, and was considered to be a major vandalistic act that ruined the insides of subway trains.

Scribe / Scratchitti

Scratchitti or Scribes is a style created by scratching or etching a tag into an object. Usually scribes can be created by using keys, knives, stones, or ceramic drill bits. Scribes are difficult to remove since they are permanent scars made on the surfaces.

These are the several styles of graffiti writing which have been used by various graffiti artists ever since the emergence of this expression of art. Anyone who knows how to hold a brush or work wonders with a spray can of paint, can do breathtaking pieces that are both appealing and eye-catching.