Crafts for Boys

Boys are interested in craft activities that give them something to test or to experiment with. They are equally interested in doing craft work just like girls. The difference lies in their manner or way of doing it. Boys may not be very organized or particular about the means or materials, but love to understand the work and are more interested in the outcome of the activity they pursue. They are more result oriented, however, they can also use their imagination power to its best.

Different Crafts for Boys

The craft ideas for boys suggested in the following paragraphs allow boys to exercise their skills and explore the creativity, besides having an enjoyable time all along.

Message Center
Children love to have a message center or message board in their bedroom. The material required for this kids’ craft are a wooden board, corks, blackboard paint, pegs, polystyrene, decorations, pockets, etc. Half of the board could be converted into a whiteboard by covering it with white cover seal. It is important to allow boys to decorate the board as per their choice and interests.

Treasure Chest
Many boys like to collect marbles, cards, rocks, etc. A tin or wooden box could be used in making a treasure chest. The box can also be decorated with the help of various decorative items. They have a great time keeping all their stuff in such kind of chests.

A flag could be prepared with different themes like a sports team, country, pirates, etc. The activity of making flags allows children to exercise their painting skills and enables them to make something concrete. Flags could be made from paper or fabric. Watercolor painting or acrylic painting could be used to make the flags colorful. Cardboard sticks or rulers could be used as poles for the flags. For bigger flags or those which are prepared from fabric, a wooden twig or branch can be used for the same.

Bike Helmets
A model of a bike helmet is also a nice craft idea that could be used by boys. A plastic milk jug with 1 gallon capacity is the main requirement in creating this craft work. The top portion of the jug which has the spout should be cut off from the rest of its body. Stickers, markers and paints should be used to decorate the jug.

Box Robots
The boxes of different shapes and sizes are used to make box robots. Small tubes and other decorative pieces come in handy while decorating a box robot. One would also require paint, a pair of scissors and tape to complete this project.

Paper Mache
It is a craft activity which involves pasting paper strips over different forms and shapes to create decorative items. Balloons, bowls, plates and many such things are used in paper mache. The paper mache paste is used to bind or stick the paper strips to various decorative items. One should learn how to make paper mache in order to create decorations with the help of simple materials and accessories used in day-to-day life. Boys are also very interested in other paper crafts.

Crawling Spider Puppet
To make a crawling spider puppet, one would require 2 large black pom-poms, 1 black stretchy glove, glue and 2 wiggle eyes. One should first wear the gloves and glue the pom-pom behind the knuckles. The second pom-pom should be glued behind the first one in such a manner that both the pom-poms touch each other. The pom-pom which is the nearest to the knuckles should be glued with the wiggle eyes. The above procedure results into the creation of a nice puppet spider.

Children can also be presented with craft books where they can ‘pour’ their creativity out using paints and other decorations. The above mentioned arts and crafts for boys could be used in camps or just to enable the children in enjoying their leisure time at home.

Craft Ideas for Kids

Art and craft is a way to express ourselves in a fun-filled and playful manner. There are multiple types of art and craft works, some of which have been practiced traditionally, while a few others have developed in recent times.

In this article, we shall have a look at a few craft ideas suitable for children.

Different Craft Ideas for Kids

Potato Prints
The material required for this craft-work is paper, potatoes, paint, pencil and a knife. The potatoes should be cut in halves. A pencil should be used to make a design on the potato. With the help of a knife, the design should be carved out. A paint should be placed in a tray in a thin layer. By pressing the potato onto the paint and then on a paper, one can create potato prints.

Making Stamps
The material required is cork-board, erasers, inner tube rubber, styrofoam, cardboard, felt squares, ink pad, utility knife and glue gun. In this activity, rubber pieces are used to make stamps. A rubber eraser could be used to create different shapes. If one wants to make stamps from cardboard, the pieces of cardboard with desired shapes need to be glued to wood blocks. The rubber or cardboard designs should be pressed on an ink pad and then onto a paper to create the desired impressions.

Straw Sculptures
One would require bendable straws, paper clips, tape and a cardboard for this activity. The straws need to be cut at different lengths for creating different designs. Slits should be made at the ends of the straws in order to form desired shapes out of these straws. One can use paper clips to keep the angled joints intact. The clips could be bent to ‘U’ or ‘S’ shape to serve the purpose. For making tree shapes or fireworks, the slits at the end of straws should be curled with the help of a pair of scissors.

Bubble Painting
The items required for this painting activity are bubble solution, blowing wand and powder tempera paint. The blowing wand could be prepared with the help of plastic rings, tube, straw, etc. A six pack of soda should be used to make the bubble solution. The trays required for this painting activity would depend upon the number of colors one wants to use. The colors should be prepared by pouring the bubble solution by adding the powder paints (1 teaspoon per tray). The blowing wands should be inserted in the colored bubble solution in order to blow the bubbles on the paper. The bubbles after exploding would make designs and finally a unique pattern of bubble painting is created.

Colored Rice
The material required for this craft is uncooked rice, vinegar and food color. The rice should first be placed in a bowl followed by the addition of ½ teaspoon of vinegar and 5 drops of the desired color. Vinegar is used for the color to set. The rice should then be baked for 45 minutes on a baking sheet. These rice grains should be glued onto a paper with the help of white glue to create the designs. Letters, number and many other designs could be prepared using this trick.

Envelope Art
Envelopes, markers, crayons, paper and glue are the materials required. The envelope should first be sealed and then a drawing should be done to decorate it. A face with nose, eyes and in case of a cat, whiskers could be drawn. Papers cut in the shapes of ears, hair and hat helps in further beautification.

There are many different craft books available at bookstores that are very useful and creative, and could give us various new ideas. The above mentioned kids’ crafts are easy to carry out and one doesn’t need to spend a lot money. This could be made with items easily available in the house.